Gold and Textiles Gallery

The exhibit consists of two major parts

The Department of Thai exhibits are divided into 5 categories is consumer goods, traditional Thai jewelry, sacrifice, gold leaf and contemporary jewelry. It also showcased the Sukhothai gold, Phetchaburi gold, golden niello ware by Kanjanapisek Wittayalai, royal goldsmith and to preserve antique gold and antique goldsmith intended to remain forever.

The show will feature cloth and textile, costume, clothing and fashion design, reflecting the culture and ethnic identity and the people who have lived together in Thailand for a long time.

It also displays samples of woven fabrics and patterns by various techniques as shown in Thailand, the comparison shows how different weaving methods are.

It also exhibits. "Thai Costume" which Her Majesty Queen Sirikit sent his diagnosis to improve dress show. The identity of Thai women back to be accepted, and remembered all over the world.