Dissemination of Craft Knowledge

Exhibits knowledge products, the handcraft handicraft of Thai and international handicrafts such as basket weaving and international work, pottery, crafts and etc., with changing exhibitions every year are consistent with the world crafts.

The International Trade Fair is an exhibition hall that publishes knowledge and exhibits on Thai and international handicraft products with modifications to the exhibition every year. To add variety to our exhibition hall and in 2016, the exhibition will be held between June 2013 to December 2017, by mentioning the exhibit of lacquerware in all dimensions, such as the origin of lacquer ware, the history of lacquer ware, the type of lacquer ware, the key components of lacquer ware. There are also exhibits of lacquer ware from various countries in Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand are similar or different from the historical evidence of each region is clear.

BOOKLET  นิทรรศการ "แลรัก"